Host an in-house Live2Lead Rebroadcast at your company and gain new perspectives, insights, and actionable steps forward for you and your company. Learn to make LEADERSHIFTS that will clarify your vision, and refine the Why, When and How those shifts should be made.

Live2Lead Leadership Development

This re-broadcast of Live2Lead is a world-class leadership development experience that was initially held in Atlanta, GA 10/12/2018. This is truly an experience that will not only inspire you but give you access to the wisdom of these speakers, chosen by the John C. Maxwell Company. Having access to these thought leaders will give you and your team a path to a new action plan with renewed passion and commitment. Your company can become a catalyst for growth, culture adjustment, and development of not only your people but a refining of your game plan.



Lock In Learning

After watching the Rebroadcast we will have an interactive session where your team can express how they feel this can affect their trajectory, actionable steps that will move them forward and maybe identify different ways to reach your vision and goals.

As John Maxwell has said, “Any experience not evaluated is like it never happened.” Both personally and as a company, action items will be drawn out of the new insights that will make you more aware of where you’ve ‘been,’ and where you want to ‘go.’

Please contact me to schedule your private showing in your own venue at: or call me at 612-207-6702

About the Host


This event is being hosted by Becky Elhardt Kiel, an Executive Director of the JohnMaxwell Coaching, Speaking and Training team. She’s been helping others find their way to transformation since she started coaching in 2011, after training with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), uses the Maxwell DISC Personality Indicator, CliftonStrengths, and deep listening as she helps clients find their truths. Her unique view of life, based on her own experiences, and the extensive training she’s had gives her a unique way to listen and hear others, help teams see one another with new appreciation and bring leaders into a place of living their vision. Her experience training and speaking for decades, and having a ten year career in Mortgage Banking have led her share material increasingly addressed at Sales Performance, integration of Millennials into the workforce that is beneficial to all, and helping leaders think outside of the constraints they’ve placed on themselves because of past experience, fear, or lack of self-awareness.